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Believe to check this vacuum than to possess a 115 pound losing German Rottweiler coping with you. She isn’t an outdoors dog therefore it is not too she’s only in the home from time to time during the day – not a chance she’s certainly an internal dog. Losing does not even compare as to the my young girl does each day of the season. This little vacuum works much better than every other vacuum I have employed for obtaining dog hair. The style of the mind is ideal for engaging in corners cheap it does not have bristles which only traps your hair helps you to pull your hair in to the canister. The only real problem I’ve with this particular vacuum is a which i have with each and every vacuum that is that dog smell that remains within the vacuum. For the filters and clean them, it will require the smell out but you will need to hold back until they dry for doing things again. The reply to that’s to purchase extra filters to change them out. I certainly recommend this vacuum to anybody without or with pets.
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