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We bought theĀ itmes for any 2000 sq foot home with 2 people who smoke with sinus head aches. The final couple of years we have been getting increasingly more sinus head aches. Also, we attempt to smoke outdoors, but throughout the summer time it is so hot in Florida we hate doing the work. Whenever we did smoke inside, we’d turn overall house fan within the hallway but understood it was harmful to the A/C usage also it didn’t do anything for that smell. It had been embarrassing if somebody stopped by so we were smoking inside.

We switched the itmes on a couple of days ago and delay pills work great. Usually, whenever we go out and return or whenever we awaken each morning and leave the bed room, we are able to smell smoke. Since setting up the kodak playtouch camcorder I’m able to barely smell it. It required a few days (smoking the whole time) prior to the smell was removed. Appears to do a fantastic job.

For allergic reactions, time will inform. I believe we have to move it in to the bed room during the night since i have awoke having a slight sinus headache the final 2 days. I am sure it’ll work when we move it during the night.

I would suggest the kodak playtouch camcorder for anybody who is not capable of quitting smoking and will get frustrated going outdoors their house to smoke due to the other individuals will think once they visit.
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